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About the book: May 1915. After tragedy strikes during the Second Battle of Artois, Frenchman Julian Olivier will do anything to get out of the trenches. So when British Intelligence recruits him to spy behind enemy lines, he jumps at the opportunity. Just before he begins, however, he has a chance encounter with a young French woman who leaves his heart marked for the remainder of the war—even if he doesn't know her name.

Warren Flynn is a Canadian airborne hero, and dogfights with the Germans are all in a day's work. Second only to his love of flying is his fascination with Claire Donovan, the daughter of an American munition manufacturer living in Paris. Warren flies Julian into Germany and soon receives orders to post the Allies' newest operative—an attractive peasant woman named Evette—in Claire's home.

As a dangerous ring of spies and saboteurs threatens to turn the war against the Allies, Julian discovers goodness in his enemies' hearts. But even if he survives, will he ever be reunited with the woman whose memory he can't erase? Will Warren survive the war, and will Evette unearth the infiltrator in her own territory before it's too late?

My review: I have loved every one of A.L. Sowards'  books. They really make history jump off the pages for me. I love the way that she is able to incorporate love stories into the harsh landscape of these wars.

I loved the characters, and the way that you see things from multiple points of view. In this one you see things through Evette's, Claire's, Warrens and Julian's points of view and they each have a very different point of view. 

Evette is a young French peasant woman trying to escape her abusing half brother. She hopes that life in Paris working in one of the factories will be an easier life for her. She has a chance meeting with a kind French soldier who helps her to realize her goal sooner than she ever dreamed possible and she can't get that young man out of her mind. 

Claire is a wealthy young American girl living with her widowed father in Paris. Her father is kind and amenable to having Evette live with them when she needs someplace to go.

That brings us to Warren. He's a Canadian who flies for the British RAF. He's a dashing hero who is in love with Claire and always looking for the next German kill.

And last but not least, Julian. Julian is the kind French soldier who helped Evette. He too can't forget her and only wishes he had been smart enough to get her name before he sent her on his way. But he has a lot on his mind other than Evette. He is a French spy embedded in Germany with a family. He must take extreme care not to give himself away so that he doesn't get killed.

I loved each of the characters and the way that they were all intertwined, mostly without knowing it. They each had a large part to fulfill in the war and they each did that part with valor and courage. I loved seeing each of the points of view.

The plot of this one is really well-written. It's full of action, that's just what's going to happen during the war, adventure do to the spying, and romance. The ending was not at all what I was expecting, it was pretty crazy and kept me on the very edge of my seat.

Make sure you check out this book and all of A.L. Sowards' other books if you're a fan of historical fiction. You won't regret it!   

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the author: Sowards is a graduate of Moses Lake High School and Brigham Young University. She swam competitively for sixteen years, including while she was in college. She found it more entertaining to think of plot ideas while following the black line up and down the bottom of the pool than having a song in her head that restarted with every flip turn. Sowards currently lives along the Wasatch front with her amazing husband and her adorable twin toddlers. She loves hearing from readers at or on Facebook or Goodreads.

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