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About the book: Special Agent Omar Zagouri’s latest case is his most dangerous—and his most personal yet. The discovery of secret sixteenth-century letters unveils a plot between the sultan Suleyman and his chief wife, Roxelane, to change the course of the Ottoman Empire. A descendent of Roxelane, Zagouri learns he has an enemy whose revenge has been centuries in the making.

Targeted by an antiquities collector who’s also descended from a chief rival for the ancient throne, Zagouri soon uncovers a modern-day conspiracy that threatens the lives of his family and the security of a nation.

To expose the plot, Zagouri must team up with Naim, the son of his nemesis, who heads an international black-market operation that may have ties to the killings. From ancient Constantinople to the present-day Middle East, Zagouri is on a collision course with history. Time is running out to solve a royal mystery and stop a ruthless killer—one who has Zagouri’s name on his hit list.

My review: I love these great books by H.B. Moore! I love the way that you get both a modern story with Omar Zagouri and Mia, and you also get an ancient story with Aleksandra and the Sultan. And even better, the stories tie together. It just makes these way fun!

This book is intense. Omar Zagouri is on the case,'s more of a personal assignment than a case. His mother has been attacked and he knows he has to get to the bottom of what's happened to her, because the attack seems to have been centered on him. It will take all of both his and Mia's brain power to figure out just what's going on.

There are some really great supporting characters in this one. There's Mia, of course. But in addition there's Leyla, a young woman whose summer job turned out to be way more than she bargained for, and her friend, Naim. She's known him at the university, but there's something more about him that doesn't seem to quite add up. Leyla gets herself into some crazy situations that she has a hard time getting herself out of, but it seems like Naim is always there to help her.

And I really loved reading Aleksandra's story. A young girl with her whole future ahead of her. But that future changes in an instant when she's kidnapped by a bunch of Turkish soldiers and she's made a slave. There are lots more changes in coming in her future. I was amazed at just what happened to her, and how much her future differed from what she had planned for herself and her life. I also loved that the author includes the real story of this young woman at the end, letting us know just a little more about her. 

This book has plenty of action and adventure. And, of course, there's a bit of a love story too. I loved that it was fast moving, basically clean (there were a few mild swear words), but this book kept my attention from the very beginning and I didn't want it to end.

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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