Jessie's a normal young single adult living in Seattle. She's had a bad relationship and a bunch of really bad blind dates, so she's sick of that scene and pretty much has become a work-aholic to compensate. So she's pretty mad when her roommate Sandy signs her up for one of those LDS dating services. Sandy convinces her to at least look at the profiles of the three men who were matched to her by the sight and there's one who looks pretty promising. She sends him a "wave" and soon they're sending e-mail messages back and forth. All too soon they decide that maybe since their messages seem to work for them, they should meet. Enter Ben Bratton, an amazing very attractive person and completely perfect for Jessie. But Jessie is having a contest at work with a man named Craig and she just doesn't feel as though she has a lot of time for a relationship right now. And Ben's been burned before by a previous girlfriend who thought work was far more important than a relationship. Can Jessie figure out what's most important before Ben moves on to someone else? I bought this book a few weeks ago, when I bought it, it had just come out, I hadn't seen any reviews or anything on it. Most of the time I just borrow books from the library, because it gets pretty expensive to buy all the books that I read (not to mention our bookshelves are already running over!), but I loved Melanie's two previous books The List and Not My Type. I just knew this book would be a great, funny, romantic book and I wasn't disappointed. I loved this book! I loved everything about it, the characters, setting, humor, you name it! I hope that there are more books coming from Melanie pretty soon!