Not My Type

Pepper Spicer is 23 years old, she works as a manager at a sandwich shop, managing high school students and of course dealing with cleaning up after all of their friends when they trash the shop. She's had a hard year, breaking of her engagement just a week before the wedding, for the second time and all. Now she's just working and trying to pay off the bills from the second almost wedding. But she's had a bad day, it happens to be her birthday and when her little sister picks the one kind of cake that she hates (chocolate?!!) for her birthday cake she just snaps. She ends up tipping the whole cake onto the floor. Her parents decide that she needs an attitude makeover and a job that actually uses her English degree from BYU, so they issue her a little challenge. She needs to write a thank you note to someone every week, and find a real job, or she has to move out of their house. But things are not always easy. Pepper decides to follow her dream of being a journalist at the local paper, but she has really no experience in that field. Her little sister talks her into padding her resume just a little but that blows up in her face in a disastrous interview. Eventually she decides to take a job at a new online magazine as Indie Girl. Indie Girl goes on dates every week and writes hysterical, snarky columns about each of them. But will she find love without all of her extra dates, or will her extra dates just end up in the way? I loved this book, it was so funny! Her dates were terrible, I have never met anyone in real life that had as many terribly funny dates as Pepper! I couldn't put this book down, I can't wait for more books by Melanie Jacobson!