Cassia is working for the Society in the Outer Provinces. She's truthfully trying to find a way to get to Ky, who the Society have taken away from her. She knows that she loves Ky, but she's not so sure about what to do about her match, Xander, because she loves him also. She knows that it will break his heart for her to go after Ky. One day, as her transfer to her next job becomes eminent, Xander shows up to have a bit of a date with Cassia. This is kind of a new thing, because Cassia and Xander grew up together, they lived in the same province until not very long ago, but all of the Matchees get to have a face to face meeting with their match and Xander made it happen, because he and Cassia no longer live in the same province. On their date they go to the very small province museum, Cassia wants to go there, because she knows that there will most likely be an Archivist there that she can trade for information she needs to get to find Ky. The Archivist gives her information, but not the kind she expects. When she is finally able to read it late that night, she finds a surprising thing, a story about the Pilot. She takes this to mean that she needs to find the Rebellion movement and join it. So when the Society Officials come to take some aberrations in the middle of the night she joins them, and pretends to be an aberration. But where will she end up? And will she be able to find Ky? I enjoyed this book, it's the sequel to Matched, they definitely need to be read in order. I think I liked Matched better, this book had a lot of action in it, but it seemed like it took a long time for Cassia to find Ky and for them to understand themselves and each other. It seems as though this book was kind of the setup for the last book that will be coming out in November. I can't wait to read that one!