The Wedding Letters

This book is the sequel to The Wednesday Letters, which is an amazing book. This book starts out with Noah, who is Rain and Malcolm's son. He's driving his truck happily along a road when all of a sudden a big, fat squirrel runs out into the road in front of him. He makes an unsuccessful effort to avoid the squirrel and in the process hits a girl riding her bike on a trail. The girl, Rachel, is hurt and Noah calls an ambulance for her, and then takes her bike to the hospital and insists on staying with her to make sure that she's okay. Thus begins their romance. But no romance is without it's ups and downs, just as life isn't without it's ups and downs. Noah and Rachel will have their own ups and downs brought about by secrets that they didn't even know existed. Rain and Malcolm are not without their own trials. Malcolm's brother Matthew has been doing the money investing for their Inn for years. He's made some bad investments recently and he very nearly lost everything of his own. Malcolm decides to help bail him out, but the economy has been bad for the Inn business for a long time. Will Rain and Malcolm sell their Inn? Will Rachel and Noah end up with their happily ever after? I enjoyed this book. I loved the secrets and the twists and turns of the story. Most of all I loved the ending that offered hope of a great future for all of the characters involved!