The Wednesday Letters

Jason F Wright is one of my favorite authors and with the release of The Wedding Letters, I knew that I needed to re-read The Wednesday Letters so the sequel would make sense! Jack and Laurel Cooper run a quiet little bed and breakfast in the Shenandoah valley. They have 3 kids Matthew, Samantha and Malcom. Jack is fighting a losing battle with brain cancer and Laurel is taking care of him and all the needs of their B&B and worrying about all their kids, especially Malcom, their youngest. One night after a grueling day Laurel gets into bed next to Jack and before either of them realizes what's really happening she dies. Jack, thinking he was going to be the one to go first, gets out of bed and writes a letter that he tucks into the Bible with a few others before he too gets into bed and dies with Laurel, his arms around her. This all happens in the very first chapter and the rest of the book deals with how those that knew them best take the news that this wonderful and loved couple died together. Jack had written a letter to Laurel every Wednesday since their wedding day, she had saved all those wonderful letters and their family finds them after they've died, what they learn from those letters will rock their world, but it will also help them come to grips with the fact that neither of their parents was perfect no matter how they seemed. I really enjoyed re-reading this book. I love the characters in this book. I love the letters and I think my very favorite part of this book is the letter/epilogue tucked into the back cover. I also love that I got this book for $1.99 what an awesome deal!