Favorite Friday - Novae Clothing

I think my closet is probably fuller than it ever has been at this point. I've found so many fun online boutiques that I love and Novae Clothing is one of those. I want to show you a few of the things that I've gotten from them and talk about an exciting new development. They've given me a discount code that I can share with all of you, making your cute new clothes even less expensive than they already are! My code is bookaday10 and it saves you an additional 10%. The code is only good for a week, so hurry and use it!

I'm going to just show you a few things I have from their shop that I love and then I'll show you some of their newest adorable things!

First up is this double hooded sweatshirt. Holy cow! I love the way this one looks. It's such a fun color with the magenta and the olive green stripes. I love the zipper on the side. I haven't seen one of these that I've liked as much as this one. You happen to be in luck, it's still on their site and it's on sale! You can even use the code to get an even better deal! I've dressed this one up like in the picture or simply worn it with jeans and been warm and comfy!

I don't have this ruffle sleeve top yet, but it's next on my list. I love everything about it! Such a cute and fun top!

I got a fun package from Novae Clothing a couple of weeks ago. It had a cute top and a necklace in it. The top is such a fun color it really is perfect for spring. I love that it's a bit different than anything I'd seen anyone else wearing. I was able to pair it with a couple of different pairs of skinny jeans and even a skirt. And that necklace, it really makes a fun statement!

If you have some time, you should check out Novae Clothing's website. They just redesigned it, it's beautiful! Everything they have is so cute and just fun!

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