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About the book: The last thing Valerie wants or needs is to work for Gage, whom she loathed as a teen. But Valerie’s husband just walked out on her and she needs the job. Together they discover that when it comes to the Church and each other, it’s all about second chances. This sweet LDS romance will renew your faith in love and redemption. 

My review: I liked Laura Walker's novel, Pierced by Love, so I was looking forward to reading this new one by her. I was honestly blown away by just how much I enjoyed it. I stayed up late to finish it, it was that good!

I liked Valerie and Gage. It was really fun that in the book, you get to hear both of their voices. It really puts the whole picture of the romance together for me. They're both single parents trying to get by. Valerie has two kids, Whitney and Justin. Justin is autistic and that makes everything just a little bit harder for Valerie. Gage has Zach, and due to his ex-wife dying in a car accident he's just become a full-time parent. When Gage runs into Valerie for the first time in years, he wants to try to help her out, while being helped as well. He works crazy hours for his job and needs someone to care for Zach while he's working. Valerie doesn't really want to have anything to do with Gage, he was unkind to her as a teenager, but recognizes that this is a great way to have a job but still be able to stay home with her kids. 

I loved that both Gage and Valerie had things they needed to change. Valerie was stubborn and generally unwilling to take help from anyone. Gage was a rebellious teenager and needed to learn to get past things that had happened in his life many years before. I loved that they both wanted to put their kids first.

I loved the story line, it kept me interested until the end and even still wanting to know what happened to Valerie and Gage after the end. I loved that this was a cute, clean, fun romance. I didn't want to put it down!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the author: Laura Walker is a native Arizonan. Having lived there all their lives, she and her husband, Rob, think it’s a great place to raise their six kids. They enjoy camping, reading, and learning history together. Laura loves to settle in with a good romance just as much as she loves to write one. She would love to have you visit her here for updates and more.

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