Sworn Enemy

It's June 1944 and Genevieve Olivier and Peter Eddy are on the run from the Gestapo. They have been extremely careful, traveling only at night and sleeping during the day with one of them, usually Peter, watching and alert at all times. Unfortunately, they've still been followed by the Gestapo agents that want to end the lives of both the sweet French girl and the American soldier. Luckily, Peter noticed the agents heading into the old barn in time to not get caught himself, but Genevieve was not so lucky, she's been cornered in the barn by the very men that want them both dead. The agents know that Lieutenant Eddy will try to rescue Genevieve, so they propose a trap. She's taken to a well guarded home, where the Gestapo can easily capture Eddy, or so they think. What actually happens is that Eddy makes some new friends who help him capture the Gestapo. But will the Gestapo ever truly stop searching for Genevieve or Peter? What does the remainder of the war hold in store for these resilient young people?

This book picks up right where Espionage left off, make sure to read that one first! I loved the action and adventure in this book. I really loved Genevieve and Peter's characters, no matter the obstacle, they are able to overcome all things. I loved the war details in this book, I don't remember learning some of this information about WWII in my history classes, maybe part of that comes from the characters being immersed in the countries that were at war, not just looking in. I didn't want to put this book down! 

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