The Secret Sisters Club

12 year old Ginnie lives on her family's farm with her dad and twin brother Toran. Life is about perfect for Ginnie, except she's missing her mom who died when she and Toran were 3. She doesn't remember much about her mom, but she does know that she was a beauty queen and loved to ride her horse, something Ginnie shares with her. Ginnie's best friend, Tillie, spends a lot of time with Ginnie's family while her mom is working. Tillie's Dad left Tillie and her mom, and Tillie knows that she needs a father in her life. She starts thinking that maybe Ginnie's dad would be the perfect father and that's how the Secret Sisters Club is born. Tillie and Ginnie are going to try to get Miss Amanda (Tillie's mom) and Ginnie's dad together. Unfortunately, their plan starts to work a bit too well and Ginnie is not certain that she wants a new mom after all. She realizes that she doesn't want to lose the few memories she has of her own mother. She's also not sure that Tillie wants anything more than to just steal her dad. Will Ginnie be able to get over her jealousy of Tillie's motives before it ruins their friendship?

This is a fun book! I really enjoyed the story, I won this book awhile ago, and I'm kind of sad it took me so long to get around to reading it. I thought that Ginnie is a great example for girls that are trying to grow into strong, amazing women. Tillie also is a great example of how to deal with hard things in your life, something that's pretty important to learn. The plot moved quickly, and I liked how it could help other girls in similar situations make sense of their situation. Make sure to come back on Wednesday for my review of the second book in this series, and the blog tour for the whole series.

I won an e-copy of this book in a giveaway. 

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