Not in the Plans

About the book: Adelyn is an expert at planning and making lists--including one with the required qualities for the perfect man. This mythical specimen, unfortunately, seems harder to find with every passing year. She tells herself she's not picky, she's discerning, but sometimes it's hard to be sure. 

Her best friend's older brother, Jason, has been slowly falling in love with Adelyn since returning from his final deployment with the Army more than a year earlier, but she sees him only as a buddy. So how does he get her to see that he is the perfect man she describes on her list? It's time Adelyn took another solid look at her plans.

My review: I loved this book! It's the third book of the In the Garden series by this author. I loved the way it builds on the previous two books, but can stand on it's own as well.

Adelyn is one of my favorite characters. I love the way she thinks, I actually saw a lot of myself in her. She's so busy planning out every little detail that she sometimes misses out on life and she definitely misses out on the fact that Jason is falling in love with her. For pretty much the whole book! I liked the way she fooled herself, telling herself that she and Jason weren't dating, when everyone else thought they were.! I loved the way he didn't give up. He knew what he wanted and he worked to be what Adelyn wanted, even down to the very last item on her list. It broke my heart a little bit when he decided he was done trying. I loved that he was even willing to enter a lawn tractor race for her! So sweet!

I loved the plot of this one. It's just fun and sweet. There's characters I've loved from the other books finally getting their happy ending, even if they hadn't quite planned on how things turned out. This is a great love story that you won't want to miss!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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