Seek This Jesus

About the book: As a Methodist growing up in the Deep South, young Neill Foote felt the desire to commit her life to Jesus Christ. During a sing-along at YWCA camp, she felt a wave of divine love envelop her. She writes: "I cried all the way back to the cabin, stumbling along in the dark, holding on to this most precious of realizations: God loved me. He knew twelve-year-old me. He was real. That certain knowledge bound my heart and soul to Him."

The desire to continue feeling that love kept growing. "Much of my early life was influenced by my seeking for the true and living God," she writes. "I wanted to know the Savior better, to understand His will, to become a true disciple of Christ in my daily life." But how?

Not until David Marriott brought the missionaries to her apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, did she understand the joy that accompanies covenants made and ordinances performed by true priesthood authority. After months of studying, she finally committed herself to the Lord in a more complete way, as a newly baptized member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In Seek This Jesus, Sister Neill Marriott shares highlights of her personal story as she testifies of Jesus Christ and offers a unique and intimate invitation for readers to seek Him. With topics including searching for the Savior, bringing the influence of the Lord into our families, and feeling God's grace in difficult times, Sister Marriott encourages readers with her warm, personable style and Southern charm.

My review: I've been wanting to read this book for a long time. I was super excited to get it for a Christmas gift and I started reading it the first chance I got.

Neill Marriott has a really easy to listen to voice and personality during General Conference and I was thrilled to discover that her writing voice is exactly the same! She writes in such a way that you know she means exactly what she says. She has received a very strong testimony of Jesus Christ, from the time she was a girl living in Louisiana. I loved reading about how she got from living there and being a Methodist, to living in Utah and being a Mormon. 

I loved reading about her journey. This book is full of personal experiences and most of them include church hymns that have helped her on the way. Has her life been easy and a walk in the park, no way! And she shares that side of things too. I really loved reading about how she was able to get through the grief of her daughter dying one step at a time. She really is an amazing woman! I hope she writes more books.

About the author: Neill F. Marriott was born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana, and earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Southern Methodist University. At the age of twenty-two, she was converted and baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and one year later she married David Marriott in the Salt Lake Temple. They are the parents of eleven children and grandparents of thirty-five. Sister Marriott served with her husband when he was president of the Brazil São Paulo Interlagos Mission. She was sustained as Second Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency in April 2013.

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