Illegally Wedded

About the book: He needs a promotion. She needs to stay in the country. 
Piper Quinn has a great thing going. She’s young, talented, and the sole chef at Du Jour, San Antonio’s hottest lunch bistro. She and her business partner just have to stay open one year to be eligible for the coveted Texas Star. 

Days before eligibility though, Piper gets terrible news: she’s getting deported. To New Zealand. Where her parents have joined a hobbit cult. 

Attorney Zach Travis can’t seem to break into the partnership bracket at his big, respected firm—despite his stellar record. Then, Zach hears a rumor his bachelor status may be holding him back, and he needs a wife to advance his career. The girl at the bistro is an intriguing candidate. 

As Piper shares her desperate plea for legal help, Zach realizes he can fix both their dilemmas—with a marriage certificate. However, their plan puts them in the cross-hairs of more than one vindictive enemy. Worse, neatly ending their marriage may be tricky due to a sparking chemistry neither Zach nor Piper can ignore. 

Illegally Wedded is book 7 in the Legally in Love Collection by clean romantic comedy author Jennifer Griffith. Great fun for fans of Cami Checketts and Jennifer Peel.

My review: I LOVE Jennifer Griffith's books! They're so well written and so much fun! I love the romance aspect, she really does a great job with it. This one was no different, I loved every bit of it!

Zach is such a great character in this one. I love the opening scene in Du Jour with Kinsey. She acts like a boor and he is so annoyed at not being able to eat his lunch that he was looking forward to that he gets rid of her on the spot. I love the way you learn more and more about him as the story goes on. The way he cares for his family. The way he's so loyal and works so hard to make everything just right for Piper. The way he falls for her so fast and is just there for her when she needs him most.

Piper is one of my favorite characters! I loved the whole idea of Du Jour, and she was the chef behind it. I didn't like her boyfriend Chad at all though! She definitely needed to get rid of him! I liked the way she was so concerned about any and all laws that she may have unknowingly broken by not being who she thought she was. And I loved the way she was true and loyal to Zach, even though she was thinking she may not stay married to him forever. 

I love the plot of this one! I love the way Piper and Zach get married. He puts so much more effort into it than she had thought he would. I love the way they fall in love after they're married, slow and sweet. I love all of the little things these two each do for the other. And the ending is just so perfect!

Grab this one, it's such a great clean romance!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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