The Undercover Bridesmaid

About the bookCan love overcome the tragic past between a hired bridesmaid and an FBI Agent? 

Chloe Romano is a good FBI Agent, even though she fights a deep attraction to her team leader, the gorgeous Liam Esposito. Fraternizing with her boss is strictly forbidden, and their feelings for each other have to remain a secret longing. 

When a drug sting goes horribly wrong and Chloe’s best friend dies, her feelings for Liam become tangled in her grief when she learns that he was the one that left Jenna behind. 

Unable to cope with the tragedy, Chloe resigns from the FBI and launches a bridesmaid-for-hire business. As a personal assistant for brides suffering wedding melt-downs, Chloe loses herself in her new career—until the day Liam Esposito shows up out of the blue. He needs Chloe’s help in stopping a diamond heist at her wealthy cousin’s wedding. Old feelings resurface when Chloe is drawn to Liam’s calmness, strength, and intelligence.

Wedding party suspects are everywhere, but can Chloe save her cousin from the ultimate bridal melt-down when suspicions hone in on the man she’s supposed to marry?  

Most importantly, is Chloe brave enough to learn the truth about the night Jenna died and give Liam a second chance before someone gets hurt again?

My review: Did you know that Amazon Prime members can borrow a book a month from the Kindle Unlimited library for FREE? I didn't until a month or two ago. Now I can keep up on some of my favorite authors new books without having to pay a dime, so fun! I think this is the second one I've borrowed.

I really liked the whole premise of this one. Chloe's job as a bridesmaid for hire made me laugh. But I felt a little bit sad for her. The whole reason she's working as a bridesmaid for hire is because of the death of her best friend in their chosen career as FBI agents. Chloe hasn't emotionally recovered and she never wants to see Liam Eposito again. Unfortunately, he shows up asking her to be her cousin's bridesmaid and to help him find diamond thieves. Her cousin, Mercedes, is the only reason Chloe even considers it.

I loved the danger in this book. Chloe had a target on her head by the jewel thieves and she had the disadvantage of not knowing who they were. I actually had suspected the person and wasn't terribly surprised. But the getting to who it actually was made this book so fun!

I also loved that Chloe was able to resolve her feelings over her friend's death and move on by the end of the book. Something I wasn't sure was ever going to happen. 

I really enjoyed this book. I loved that it was clean, full of action and adventure and just plain fun!

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