The Neighbor's Secret

About the book: After being left at the altar on her wedding day, businesswoman banker Allie Strickland returns to her hometown of Heartland Cove on a leave of absence to recover and regroup. Heartland Cove County in New Brunswick boasts a population of 899 people, a small town of Victorian homes, quirky citizens, and a booming tourist industry where people flock to see the longest covered bridge in the entire world. 

Grieving the trauma of her ex-fiancé’s betrayal and overwhelmed by her clingy mother and the fry truck family business, Allie rents the first available house she can find. But on the very first night, Allie’s peace and quiet is violated by an unexpected intruder who breaks into the house while she’s taking a bubble bath. An intruder with an alias and old ties to Heartland Cove. 

Forced by unusual circumstances to share the same rental house, Allie’s suspicions of the man grow—even as she finds herself attracted to him. But is Ethan Smith merely a freelancer on a magazine assignment taking photos of the famous Heartland Cove bridge—or is he an undercover spy for the mayor who wants to ruin the charming town by running a new highway through for his own profit? 

Is Ethan Smith friend or foe? Enemy or lover? 

My review: This is exactly my favorite kind of book. It's got a sweet, clean story, great characters, fun plot and it's a quick read that I didn't want to stop reading!

Wow, I really loved Allie's character. I loved that even though she was left at the alter by Sean, she still moved on with her life. She was devastated, of course, but she didn't sit and mope and cry about that. I loved that she knew she needed some space from her family and the scene where Ethan finds her in the tub is just so funny! I love that they were able to move on from that and find a way to work out sharing the house. And I love that she is eventually able to see herself and Sean clearly and understand why things ended up the way they did.

You don't see the story through Ethan's eyes, so there are a lot of missing pieces. But I really like his character. He's a gentleman, even though he's obviously keeping secrets from a lot of people. And he lets Allie stay in his house, even though it's not convenient for him. 

I really enjoyed this cute read! Make sure to get a copy so you can read it as well!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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