The Cowboy's Accidental Bride

About the book: Ruby Harrison is a glass-half-full kind of girl…except when it comes to her own love-life. 

Having already lost in the game of love, she’s satisfied being a single mother. But when her seven-year-old daughter asks if she can find her a new daddy, Ruby reluctantly ventures back into the dating world with one stipulation: the man can’t be a cowboy. Her condition for dating is challenged when she crashes into Tate Allred’s truck. The cowboy defies all her preconceived notions, turning Ruby’s life upside down and making her realize that hitting the cowboy’s truck might be the best thing that ever happened to her.

My review: I loved just everything about this great book! I loved that it was a quick easy read, it took me just over an hour to read it. I loved the characters, the plot, the situations, just everything about it! And the beautiful!

I love Ruby! She's such a fun character. It seems like things always go wrong for her. From dropping food all over the sheriff when she's working as a waitress at the diner to her ex-husband dumping her off, to hitting Tate's truck...just everything! Except that hitting Tate's truck gets her some pretty great stuff too. I love her cute daughter and just how hard Ruby works to be able to be there for her. 

Then there's Tate. He's had to retire from the rodeo and he has custody of his niece and he doesn't really know how to be a parent to her. He's new in Pine Valley, and that's a bit hard for his niece because everyone already knows everyone else. I love that he was kind to Ruby, even though he was frustrated about his brand new truck that he really needed. I love the way he goes about trying to help her so that she can't pay him back and in some cases so that she won't even know that he's helping her. I loved that he was a gentleman.

I loved the love story in this one, the whole thing still leaves me sighing over just how great it was! This one is cute, it's clean and it's a quick read that will make you wanting more from this great author!

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