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About the book: Whalen Vankin is a great an honorable wizard, and he has only ever personally trained two other wizards. One is Alexander Taylor, a young man who has earned a reputation as a brave adventurer, a warrior, and a man of honor. The other is Jabez, Vankin's nephew—a man whose choices have led him down a different, darker path.

Dark magic has covered Westland, and evil is stirring. Whalen and Alex must journey together into the heart of danger, confronting a sea serpent, and facing down more than one dragon. Alex must find the legendary Axe of Sundering—the one weapon that offers a chance to defeat Jabez—and protect the land from the dark wizard's plans. But finding it will be an adventure of its own as the only pathway to the Axe leads through the underground tunnels and secret passages of the Castle of Conmar.

But Jabez has a final weapon at his disposal: the powerful Orion stones, which could spell the end to Whalen and Alex both.

My review: I'm sad to see yet another of my personal favorite series come to an end. This series has been full of action and adventure. It's a series that my daughter and I have been able to relive again and again. And we'll still do that, but there will be no more of Alex's new adventures to tag along on.

This book has been worth the wait that it's taken to get it into the hands of the reader. The author suffered a stroke while writing this one, so it's taken years and years to get it. I loved how I was able to open it and be sucked right back into Alex's world of adventures as if no time had passed. So fabulous!

I love the characters in this series. You see everything through Alex's eyes, so you only know what he knows. You only see what he sees. That can be detrimental in certain books but I love the way it works with this series. I love that you can try to figure out just how to get out of situations while Alex does, or figure out just what he should do next with him. I love his sense of honor and duty. He is one of my favorite literary characters I've ever read.

I love the plot of this one. There is plenty of action and adventure. And even when the book is winding down in the final closing scenes, it still is filled with action and adventure. I was surprised by how it all ended. But it was a fitting end to an amazing series. 

Make sure to go get this book, but make sure that you start at the beginning of the series if you haven't already!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author: M. L. Forman was born and raised in Utah and now resides in the foothills of the western Rockies. He tries to write as much as possible while still attending to his many other hobbies, such as fishing, camping, hiking, and almost anything that will allow him to enjoy the magic of nature. He is also the author of Slathbog's Gold and The Horn of Moran, the first two books int he Adventurers Wanted series.

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