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Favorite Friday - Six Sisters Meal Plans

If you were to ask me what the worst part is about cooking for my family, I'd have to tell you that it's deciding what we're going to eat for dinner. It seems like there's always someone that doesn't like what ever it is that I'm making. There are plenty of complaints, yet no one is willing to help figure out what to have. Here's the best solution I've found yet, let someone else make the meal plan and the shopping list, and you just put the meal together!

I've been able to try out the Six Sisters Menu plan for the last few weeks and I'm loving it! To start with you simply visit their website. You need to pick from one of the plans they offer, there are family meal plans, gluten free plans, healthy plans and small family plans. Each of the plans costs about $8 to $10 a month or $60 for a whole year. And you can even see a sample menu plan.

Once you've picked a plan, you simply sign up and then the fun begins! You will get an e-mail right away …

Blog Tour - The Pursuit of Lady Harriett

The Pursuit of Lady Harriett by Rachael Anderson
When wills clash and hearts collide, who will reign victorious?
Termed an Incomparable during her first London season, Lady Harriett Cavendish is beautiful, spirited, and confident, capturing the attention of a great many suitors. Unfortunately, they all failed to capture her attention, and she concluded the season as unattached as she’d begun it. Only weeks prior to her second season, Harriett encounters Lieutenant Christopher Jamison while visiting Tanglewood Manor. Recently returned from war, the lieutenant is everything that Harriett's previous suitors were not. He’s arrogant, ungentlemanly, irritating, and challenges her at every opportunity. When he goes too far, Harriett decides that it’s time to turn the tables on him. But as she sets out to put the lieutenant in his place once and for all, she discovers there is more to him than meets the eye, and when it comes to matters of the heart, she has no control whatsoever.

My review

Horses, Hayrides and Husbands

About the book: Enjoy this sweet romance from the Country Bride & Cowboy Boots series. 

Misty Epperson has her hands full with a toddler and a full-time job helping her billionaire brother, Ty, run The Epperson Foundation, a charitable organization he founded with his lottery jackpot. But all the chubby baby cheeks and conference calls in the world can’t drive away the emptiness hovering over her heart. She yearns for love, but Misty is wary. The last time she gave her heart away, it was returned to her battered and broken. 

When Misty meets Clydesdale wrangler, Travis Harper, she’s drawn to his quiet strength and easy smile. But Travis quickly makes his hatred of rich people known and Misty’s brother is one of the richest men in the state. When Ty interferes with the Clydesdale’s grazing pasture in the name of environmental protection, will Travis consider it guilt by association or can Misty break this sexy cowboy with the giant chip on his shoulder? 

My review: Don't you just …

Blue Moon Kisses

About the book: At age twelve, Ashlee Nichols fell in love with her brother’s best friend, Beau Jacobsen. Everyone thought she was cute and that her crush was simply that…a crush. But her young heart had known he was the one, and she had planned on marrying him as soon as she was old enough. Unfortunately, when she confessed her feelings to Beau, he’d laughed, patted her on the head and told her he was flattered. Sure, Beau had been twenty-two at the time, but she knew she wouldn't always be a little girl. Just when she turned eighteen and was finally old enough to date him, Beau joined the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan. Now, six years later, Beau is back in Mitchel Creek, Georgia for a few weeks. He’s hotter than ever…and still ten years older, something he can’t seem to get past. He still sees Ashlee as a glorified little sister…or does he?

My review: I loved everything about this book! I loved the characters, the plot line, the southern feel. And I really love that I got …

Blog Tour - Wish Me Love

About the book: Charlotte Wells does not date. After surviving a broken engagement, she's taken a leave of absence from the social scene. So when her best friend and coworker, Jack, challenges her to get back in the game, she's not so sure she's ready to play. But ultimately, curiosity gets the best of her, and Charlotte accepts the daunting challenge: she will attempt to have fifty first dates in her effort to find "the one." Unfortunately, she quickly realizes that the dating pool mostly holds clown fish as she goes on one lousy outing after another. Without a good man in sight as summer ends, Charlotte cuts her losses and sets her sights on a fun-filled trip to her cousin's destination wedding in Brazil.

Brazil is a land of beautiful sights and delicious offerings—including Max, the charming brother of her cousin's new husband. Max has all the makings of a Prince Charming in soccer cleats, and Charlotte's happily ever after seems to be within reach.…

Favorite Friday - The Easy 5 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook Giveaway

I don't know how many times I've told you of my love for cooking and cookbooks, but it's a lot. I have way too many of them, I might have a problem! But it's fun to look through them and see the beauty of the food in the pictures and get great ideas to make for dinner. I was super excited to get to read and review this one because it's by Karen Peterson, she's pretty much the expert on slow cooker cooking. And also because I'm learning how to convert recipes for my Instant Pot and there are tons of great ideas in here of things to convert. I also do still have my Crock Pot so I can cook in that without having to convert as well.

About the book: Take dinner off of your to-do list with The Easy 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook.

Fitting cooking into your busy schedule can seem next to impossible when your caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen just to serve your family a home-cooked meal. With 101 “…

Pacific Coast Wedding

About the book: His business partner. Her ex. When they discover each other's connection to the groom, will their fledgling love survive?

Attending her ex-husband's wedding is the last thing Lacey Wells wants to do, even if it's happening along the gorgeous Pacific Coast where she once dreamed her own wedding would take place. Now, that dream is coming true for someone else and Lacey needs to get their daughters to the wedding on time. If only her car would cooperate...

Noah Grady doesn't expect to come to the rescue of a beautiful woman and her two daughters on the way to his friend and business partner's wedding, but meeting Lacey makes the long drive and an unpleasant visit with his half-brother worth it. Hitting it off with her makes Noah feel like he might finally be ready to start a new chapter in his life.

But things start to unravel when Noah discovers Lacey is his business partner's ex-wife, making her off-limits unless he wants his career to disintegrate…

Blog Tour- Mind Games Review and Giveaway

About the book: Psychologist Natalie Marsh's dream is now reality: her mental health services clinic has opened and is houses in an elegant, newly renovated nineteenth-century building. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the clinic's presence, including Heather Osbourne, a troubled young woman who wholly objects to the occupation of the building. Heather has spent years wandering the halls of the abandoned structure, convinced she's communing with her ancestor's ghost. When Natalie thwarts Heather's attempt to leap from a window, the shaken psychologist soon realizes Heather's failed jump is merely one piece of a disturbing puzzle. Greed and deceit are weaving a web around Natalie, and someone will stop at nothing?—not even murder—to get what they want. Stretched to her breaking point, Natalie struggles to learn the truth, but only one thing is clear: nothing is as it seems.

My review: Stephanie Black really is a master at the mystery/suspense category. E…

The Mafia's Secret

About the book: Anna Hamilton drops out of grad school to go back home to small-town Hartland Cove because she’s dead broke and her widowed father has received a devastating diagnosis. Working as a whale tour guide for the ship, Jewel of the Ocean, is the perfect job for a girl with a degree in marine biology, but at this rate, she’ll never get back to finishing her PhD. 

Meanwhile, socialite Elise Kensington, Anna's best friend from college, begs Anna to find her a job where she can hide off the grid. Turns out Elise’s fiancĂ© is an heir to the Mafia but wants no part of the family “business”. The plan is to run-away and elope, before they find themselves the victims of an “accidental” death. 

Anna’s summer becomes a matter of life or death—and romance—when her hometown is filled with sightings of gorgeous Hollywood scouts, Mafia heirs on the run, and strangers with amnesia. Unwittingly, Anna finds herself attracted to the bachelors—including Chad Garrett, the boy next door, who has…

Blog Tour - Love Remains

About the book: From Sarah M. Eden, the USA Today Bestselling author of the Longing for Home series, LOVE REMAINS is a new romance novel set in the beloved world of Hope Springs.

For nearly a year, Tavish O’Connor has carried the crushing weight of his family’s future on his shoulders. He has taken on the care of his youngest brother, Finbarr, who lost his eyesight in a terrible accident. But the lad needs more than Tavish can provide. Finbarr needs hope.

Cecily Attwater specializes in hope. As a tutor to the newly blind, she has dedicated her life to helping others overcome the obstacles she herself has conquered. Her new assignment in a remote corner of Wyoming proves trickier than usual: Finbarr refuses to learn. To make matters worse, his family—and the other Irish townspeople—are less than thrilled to discover an Englishwoman in their haven.

Cecily’s only hope lies in securing the cooperation of her pupil’s brother Tavish, who happens to be her harshest critic and quite possibly the…

Friday Favorite - Everything Southern California

Southern California is the ultimate spot for a family vacation. Beaches, theme parks and beautiful weather are a recipe for a perfect trip. There is so much to do in Southern California that it can be daunting to figure out what to do on your vacation. Luckily, my friends over at Get Away Todayare experts when it comes to all things SoCal! Not only are they experts, but they offer discounted tickets to many attractions and reduced hotel rates. You can even use promo code BookaDay to get an additional $10 off your Southern California vacation package.

Now that you know WHO to book your vacation with, let’s talk about WHERE you can vacation to. There are so many family-friendly spots to visit, you’re guaranteed to have the best time.

The Disneyland Resort: Disneyland is often the first vacation spot people think of visiting when they are planning a trip to Southern California, and for good reason! The magic there is unlike anywhere else. Don’t forget that Get Away Today offers discounte…