The Seventh Sergeant

About the book: Can a devastating injury actually be a blessing for Reese and Carly? 

Life has finally started to settle down for Sergeant Reese Sanders after his devastating injury overseas. Discharged from the Army and now with a good job at Courage Reins, an equine therapy center at Three Rivers Ranch, he’s finally found happiness. Then down-on-her luck Carly Watters becomes his veteran care coordinator and wants to assist him with tasks he most definitely doesn’t need her help with—until a horrific fall puts him right back where he was years ago: Injured and depressed. 

Carly dislikes small towns almost as much as she loathes cowboys. But she finds herself faced with both when she gets assigned to Reese's case. Because of his injury, she moves to Three Rivers to help him full-time, and her unhappiness follows her around like a dark cloud. 

Reese will need to let go of his embarrassment and pride to allow Carly to help him—and love him. And Carly will have to admit that living in small-town Three Rivers is actually a blessing—because it led her to Reese. Do they have the humility and faith to make their relationship more than professional? 

My review: I enjoy reading Liz Isaacson's books for a few reasons. They are usually quick, easy reads that are just plain fun for when you don't want anything too heavy. They are well-written and they include characters from past books that I've enjoyed. This one is all of those things.

I liked Carly. I liked the way she was willing to give up her whole life in Austin and move to Three Rivers when he gets hurt and doesn't have anyone to be with him all the time. It was just a bit crazy because she had barely met him, and he was her job assignment versus her even knowing him and he didn't treat her the best. He was pretty gruff and even a little unkind. But she stuck it out in a tiny little town.

Reese is kind of a fun character. He's a gruff cowboy who has already been injured in the war. He wants to be normal and not have to depend on anyone else to do anything for him. But then he gets injured on the ranch and needs someone to watch out for him. He really doesn't want it to be Carly, who he has barely met. But there's really no one else. I really liked the way he fought to keep her around when he realized that she was going to have to move.

This is a cute romance. It's a quick read that I enjoyed reading during some down time.

I got this one as a freebie from Amazon, I think.

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