Favorite Friday - Sarah Eden Presentation

Wow, my daughter and I were lucky enough the other night to get to go listen to Sarah Eden at the Provo Library.

She is just amazing! It's fun to go to book launches and signings, but you really can't beat this type of presentation. Sarah made us laugh, she was so fun to listen to. I loved the uniqueness of her presentation. And it was really fun that she makes up her own words, that's something we have in common!

She read us an excerpt from an upcoming book, can't wait for Linus' story! And she had a signing for hours on end where everyone was able to bring their books. Notice that in the stained glass window picture it was still light outside, but in the picture of us with Sarah it's dark, that's the same window! We waited in line about 45 minutes to talk to her. She was just amazing. And she did some amazing giveaways! Including bookmarks that she made by hand, they were gorgeous!

And hello, Provo City Library. I had never been there before, but it was just beautiful. They actually had decent chairs for everyone to sit on, as well. And they had things well-planned, so everyone knew what was happening and where they were supposed to be.The staff was accomodating and kind. It was a really great experience all the way around.

If you get a chance to go to something at the Provo Library, make sure to take it! And make sure to go see the amazing Sarah Eden! 

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