Favorite Friday - Disneyland for Families with a Large Range of Ages

I'm super excited to have Rachel with Get Away Today doing a guest post for us today on Disneyland. I don't know if you know it or not, but we have a large age range of kids in our family. We have a 16 year-old, and 11 year-old and a 3 year-old. Such a large range makes trips a bit tricky. We have to really plan ahead to have something that everyone likes. Rachel has a few suggestions for craziness like this, so without further ado...Rachel!

 Hey everybody, it’s Rachel from Get Away Today! I am here to share all of my best tips for a trip to the Disneyland Resort when you have kids with kids of all ages. When you decide to book your Disneyland packages , be sure to book with Get Away Today. We have reduced hotel rates and discount Disneyland tickets - guaranteeing you the best price! You can also use promo code BookaDay to get an additional $10 off any Southern California vacation package.

Disneyland has to be one of my family’s favorite vacation spots, especially when my siblings and I were younger. My oldest sibling is 13 years older than my youngest sibling, so making everyone happy in the parks can be a challenge, but is definitely do-able.

The most important tip is to set expectations of your trip. Make sure all of your kids know that you need to accommodate everyone when you are visiting the parks, so when the time comes to head to a ride that they don’t love they will understand and won’t be upset. Baby sister can’t ride California Screamin’ and big brother might not want to ride “it’s a small world” but there will need to be a little give and take.

When heading to the parks, it is always good to have a plan. You will waste a lot of time going from Cars Land to Fantasyland then to “a bug’s land,” so the best way to avoid that is to pick an area of the park and have each child pick an attraction they want to see in that spot. For example, New Orleans Square and Critter Country are right next to each other and both have attractions to please any age.

This leads really well into my next tip; rotate who picks what ride. It’s not going to be fair if the oldest kids get to pick five rides in a row that the little ones can’t ride, and vice versa. By letting each child pick one ride to go on at a time, everyone will be happy that they all got a turn!

If taking turns isn’t quite going to cut it, splitting up might be a great option. I know a lot of families don’t want to be apart during their vacations, but if splitting up is okay with you, it is a great way to get everyone’s favorite rides in, even if it’s just for a few hours. If your kids are old enough and/or have a cell phone, it can be a really simple solution to let them go ride the bigger rides, or they can have one of the parents tag along. This allows everyone to get to their favorite rides. You can regroup at meal time, a parade or a show you want to hit all together.

Parades and shows are another great way to please everyone. Whether you’re 68, 34, 18 or three, shows like World of Color and Frozen Live at the Hyperion or parades like the Main Street Electrical Parade or Mickey’s Soundsational Parade will wow everyone. The entertainment doesn’t stop there; Disneyland really has incredible entertainment no matter what performance you decide to see.

Disney has done a really great job in trying to make the Disneyland Resort a magical vacation spot for anyone- young and old. There is plenty to see and do while visiting the resort that your whole family is sure to enjoy. When you book your Disneyland packages, head over to getawaytoday.com or call 855-GET-AWAY to speak with one of our awesome reservation agents. Don’t forget to use promo code BookaDay to save an additional $10 off your Southern California vacation package with our already reduced hotel rates and discount Disneyland tickets!

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