Favorite Friday - Bookroo

I want to tell you about something new I just discovered. I'm really excited about it, because it pretty much embodies what I'm all about, reading to kids! I have read to all of our kids ever since they were tiny and they are all super smart. One of my very favorite things is when our little guy brings me a book and asks me to read to him. He knows that I am for sure going to stop whatever I'm doing and read to him. No matter what.

I love our bedtime story time. It's so fun to see him excited about reading and to watch the way he is when he gets the story in some way. Sometimes there are jokes that you can tell he gets. Sometimes it's just the way he repeats the lines from the books sometime during the day. I love watching him learn through books.

Anyway...today I'm talking about Bookroo. I like that they are really all about getting kids excited about reading! Check out their mission statement. It's basically a subscription service for books for young kids. There are a couple of options, you can get a board book option or a picture book option. What's really fun about this is that you pick the option you want, sign up for the subscription and then they mail the books to you. They come in a fun box and they're wrapped so your kids get to discover them for themselves. What a great idea! 

And these are not just randomly picked books either, they are books that they've had families review to make sure that they are sending the best books. Here's an example of January's picture book box. (I borrowed this picture from their website. And you can even see more!)

Don't those books look like tons of fun. I guarantee our little guy would love both of them and I would spend a good deal of time reading them to him. And it would be time well spent for me!

Another thing that's really fun is that you can send someone else a box or a series of boxes. What a great baby shower gift that would be!

Make some time to check this out! You can even get 15% off your first order! 

Give the gift of reading, get 15% off today.

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