Family Recipe

About the book: When Piper Mathis left home to join the New York City Symphony Orchestra, she left behind not only her mother, but Ken, the man who had promised to love her forever. Their paths drifted part as she concentrated on her career, and she had to live with the knowledge that she’d lost him. 

However, a tragedy brings her back to her hometown, and her feelings for Ken resurface. So much has happened—so many broken promises, so many forgotten dreams. Is it really over for them, or has fate intervened to give them a second chance?

My review: This is a cute novella, I enjoyed reading the story. There was enough doubt as to who Piper was going to end up with that it left me guessing through the whole story.

I liked Piper, she loves her job in New York City as part of the orchestra and she's thrilled with her boyfriend, Simon. But wow, he was seriously a jerk. I was thrilled when she kicked him to the curb when she caught him cheating the first time. I loved the way Piper was strong when she needed to be, and allowed others to help her when she just couldn't do everything on her own. 

I liked Ken, but it was hard to know just what he was thinking, this whole story is from Piper's perspective, so you only know what she's thinking and feeling. It makes the reader just as blind about his true intentions as she is. 

I really liked this story, and I loved that it's a novella, so it's a quick, easy read!

I was sent a copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.

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