Precious and Grace

About the book: In this latest installment of the beloved and best-selling No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, Precious Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi help a young woman on a quest to find someone from her past. 

Changes are afoot at the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, where Mma Makutsi, who has recently been promoted to co-director, has been encouraging Mma Ramotswe to update to more modern office practices. However, an unusual case will require both of them to turn their attention firmly to the past. A young Canadian woman who spent her early childhood in Botswana requests the agency's help in recovering important pieces of her life there. With only a faded photograph and, of course, some good old-fashioned detective skills to guide them, Precious and Grace set out to locate the house that the woman used to live in and the caretaker who looked after her many years ago. But when the journey takes an unexpected turn, they are forced to consider whether some lost things may be better off unfound. 

Busy as she is with this challenging investigation, Mma Ramotswe can always be relied on to come to the aid of her friends who seem to have a special knack for landing in hot water. Mr. Polopetsi, an occasional assistant at the agency, has made an ill-advised business decision that may lead to serious trouble. And next door at Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors, Fanwell, the junior mechanic, has become helplessly attached to a stray dog who proves to be a bigger responsibility than he can handle. With Mma Makutsi by her side, Mma Ramotswe dispenses help and sympathy with the graciousness and warmth for which she is so well known, and everyone is led to surprising insights into the healing power of compassion, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

My review: I really enjoy these books! This is #17 in a series, and while I suppose you could read it as a stand alone book, it's really better to start at the beginning and learn to love the characters from the very start. I have really enjoyed learning to love Precious, Grace, Mr JLB Matekoni, and all of the other amazing characters in this series.

I love the way that Precious and Grace work together in these books. Precious really puts up with a lot when dealing with Grace and all of the people that make the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency run. I love her patience and really her caring of all of the people in her life. And I love the way that she wants to make other people's lives better as well. I love the way that you see the entire story through her point of view, it's fun that you don't always know what the people who come to her for help are thinking. That makes it so you have exactly the same information as she does.

I love the way these books have the sights and sounds of Africa, it's almost like going on a trip to Africa. 

And I love the plot of these too. There are always new challenges for these two ladies to solve. And the solutions are always great too! 

Such a great book and really the whole series, make sure to grab these great books!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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