Love in Return

About the book: Thanksgiving was always Kayla’s favorite holiday—until her husband decided to leave her on the very day they should have been celebrating being together as a family. Two years later, the pain still isn’t gone, and while her family does their best to set her up, she’s perfectly happy raising her three children on her own. 

When Andrew admits he’s never really been in to Thanksgiving, his good friend Josh invites him to come to his family dinner. Andrew wasn’t expecting to be welcomed with such open arms, and he especially didn’t expect to meet Josh’s beautiful sister Kayla. 

While Kayla and Andrew hit it off immediately, Kayla still can’t bring herself to admit that she might be falling for someone new. Can Andrew prove that he’ll treat her right, or will she push away the man willing to heal her broken heart?

My review: This was a cute novella, I loved the cute plot and the characters.

Kayla is a single mom, trying to make everything work out for the best. She's even given up her dream of writing to better make ends meet as an accountant. She's a strong woman, I loved the way she was with her kids. 

I loved the whole Thanksgiving link in this one. The story of Kayla's ancestor writing letters for 20 years to get it recognized as a national holiday was really cute and such a fun part of the story. 

Andrew was a great character too. I loved the way he was willing to fight to see if there was anything between him and Kayla. And I thought that it was fun when Kayla dragged him out to go Black Friday shopping with her, and it was gallant of him to be concerned that she was considering going by himself.

This is a cute novella, it's a quick, fun, clean read that you won't want to put down!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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