Light in Your Eyes

About the book: Snow Valley's new pediatric dentist, McCoy Wilson, is in debt and stress taller than his beat-up Chevy. The last thing he needs is a beautiful assistant who he's drastically overpaying.

Chanel Horman prays moving to Snow Valley after her husband's death will give her and her son a fresh start. A hunky new boss isn't in the plans, but she'll have to find some way to work with McCoy without melting at his gentle smiles or she'll be in trouble deeper than the snow drifts.

My review: I love the cover on this one, so much fun! And I love the way that it relates to the story and reminds me of a really great scene in the book!

I liked this book. I liked McCoy, his is the first voice that you "hear" as you read the book. I loved the way he was concerned about hiring Chanel at the beginning, he was concerned that he wouldn't be able to be professional with such a beauty and he was really concerned that he wouldn't be able to pay her. He's a dentist just starting out in a really small town and he's super uncomfortable with the amount of debt that he has. 

Chanel is great too. I loved the way her little boy is her whole world. She's been through tons of heartache already and doesn't really need any more. The job with McCoy would really help her out though. I really loved the way she went out and worked her hardest to find more business for McCoy. 

This is a super cute love story, easy to read in an afternoon - what a great escape!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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