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How many of my amazing readers are getting ready for a summer vacation with their family??? I know my family is excited for summer and that's one of our favorite traditions. We don't quite know where we're going yet, but you can bet we'll get it figured out and booked right away. And if you have any tips for traveling with preschoolers, you're more than welcome to drop me a comment at the end. I think it would be fun to put together a post about traveling with kids and I'm sure you all have great ideas!

Today I want to tell you about a great company that I personally have worked with before. Get Away Today. 

Get Away Today is really well known for their Disneyland vacations, but my family hasn't attempted that one yet. We have been to San Diego several times and they have great deals there as well on both hotels and the fun attractions everyone wants to go to. They have tickets to Legoland, San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park. We used Get Away Today for our tickets and hotel when we went to San Diego a few years ago and we had a great experience. Their customer service was great, and you can always find a great deal.

And as I'm looking at their website, I'm realizing they have so many destinations you can choose from. Hawaii, Orlando, Mexico, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Beaches and Sandals resorts, and even cruises. So many fun places...I'm not even sure where to start! You can also rent cars and even book flights through their website for your convenience.

If you book through Get Away Today you get tons of little extras! I mentioned before that they are well known for their Disneyland Vacation packages and they actually get discount tickets to Disneyland. They also have special deals with hotels where you can get things for free that usually aren't, things like free parking, free breakfast, waived resort fees. And if you buy a package, you're going to get a gift! Who doesn't want to get a gift??? Each Southern California package booked includes one lanyard per adult ticket and one sling bag per child ticket plus over $300 in coupons. Seriously a great deal!

And another great thing you can do is actually buy your souvenirs before you go! So not only would you have them if you wanted to surprise your kids with them as kind of a way to let them know you're going, but you're going to save money by not buying things in the park where prices are higher. Check out all the fun things you can buy!

Something new they are offering is a Layaway Lock-in program. This means that you can book your vacation ahead of time, you pay $125 up front and then you can pay a little at a time as your budget allows before your trip. The only condition is that you pay for the whole thing by 2 weeks before you travel. And you can set these Layaway plans up either on their website or by phone. How convenient!

Guess what!!! I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Get Away Today actually gave me a code that is going to give you, my awesome readers, an even better deal! If you enter my code BookaDay when you book your vacation, you're going to get an extra $10 off any 2-night or longer Southern California package. You do have to book 2 nights at a hotel and also get tickets to 2 or more attractions to get this code. 

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