Favorite Friday - Love, Kennedy

For this week's Favorite Friday post, I want to tell you about something special I got to do just the other day. I got to go to a movie premier of a movie you are going to want to go see when it comes out next week. The movie is called Love, Kennedy and it's such a special movie.

Here's a little bit about the movie: LOVE, KENNEDY tells the inspirational true story of Kennedy Hansen, a funny, loving young woman whose health suddenly begins to fail. It takes years to find the cause – Juvenile Batten Disease – an extremely rare, horrible and inevitably terminal diagnosis. After living only 16 short years, Kennedy leaves behind an incredible legacy of love and friendship. But her story doesn’t end with her passing, it’s only then the true miracles really begin. LOVE, KENNEDY stars Jasen Wade (17 MIRACLES, THE COKEVILLE MIRACLE) as Jason Hansen, Heather Beers (CHARLY) as Heather Hansen, and Tatum Chiniquy as Kennedy.

What I thought: I loved everything about this movie. I loved the way the movie starts with Kennedy as a young girl. I thought that the movie did an amazing job of getting the watcher immersed in Kennedy's life and wanting to know just what happened to her. 

The actress who played Kennedy did an amazing job! I have no idea how you would even start to act as though you had this horrible disease, but the young actress did such a great job that when we actually met her at the end of the movie, it was almost strange to see her act as a normal person.

Really all of the actors and actresses in this movie were amazing. I loved the way the movie felt as though you had stepped into the lives of Kennedy, her family and her friends at school. 

This movie had some great moments. I found myself laughing at Kennedy's antics. I found myself crying during the hard parts. And the inspirational parts in here are just awesome. There were several parts in this one that kind of compete for my favorite. I'm not going to go into any great detail so I don't ruin anything for you. But there's a couple of dance scenes, one at church and one at school. I loved both of them. There was a scene where Kennedy is connecting with a girl much like herself. Wow, I cried so much in that part! Then there is the end miracle scene. This scene by itself had me both laughing an crying. 

And then the signing after was just awesome. I've been to a lot of signings but this one touched me just because the way they had it set up. In a lot of cases, there was the actor who played the person sitting right next to the real person. It had such an amazing power to it. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to go see this great movie. And you get to have your turn when it comes out next week, June 2, in fact. Make sure you go. You won't regret it!

The pictures I included in this post are some I took the other night with my phone.

Here's a movie trailer for you to watch!

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