Favorite Friday: Ultimate Life: Create a Life Worth Living in 9 Simple Steps

I know this looks like my normal book review, so you're probably wondering what's my favorite about it. I'll start by telling you a little story. About  3 1/2 years ago, I was expecting our third child. It was the week before Thanksgiving and I had to take that yucky sugar test. Twice. The second time was the three hour version and it stunk! But the worst part was that I found out that I had Gestational Diabetes right before Thanksgiving and I had to give up carbs and sugar, again right before Thanksgiving. At the time, it seemed like it was about the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. But as I look back now, it was probably one of the very best things that could have happened to me.

I worked hard. I learned to eat the way I needed to in order to have a healthy baby. I exercised all the way through to the end of my pregnancy (that part was easy, exercise was the only thing that got rid of the constant nausea I experienced). But the best part was, I didn't gain hardly any weight for the last 3 months of being pregnant and I had no problem at all losing the baby weight. 

Having had Gestational Diabetes makes my chances for Type 2 Diabetes even higher than they already are. You see, Type 2 Diabetes seems to be genetic and both of my parents and one of my siblings have been diagnosed with it. So I already have a high chance. I work really hard to keep myself healthy, I exercise and I try to eat right. Eating right is the hardest part for me, my husband and kids are constantly wanting a treat and it's hard for me not to join in. And I'm finding my weight slightly creeping up.

That's where the book comes in. I really liked the way this book incorporates things you wouldn't expect to be incorporated for health and happiness. There are the obvious things, exercising, eating right, but I really liked the non-obvious things. Things like drinking plenty of water, taking time for just you, and especially working on your relationships with those around you.

I really liked the "voice" of this book. It's conversational and easy to read and understand. I like the way that the authors share tips about the 9 steps they talk about working on. And there are even three starter tips to get started with before you actually get to the regular 9. All of the tips are easy to start, they might take some work, but hey, you can do hard things! 

I liked the way the book talks about all parts of us being related and if any of those parts are out of balance than we are not going to be our healthiest or our happiest. They call these parts "cores." According to the book, our cores are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I liked the way they go through and talk about each of the cores and also the types of things you can do to make your cores be in balance. 

I liked that this book was a bit of a wake up call for me. It helped me to see some of the things that I might be missing and gave me a few ideas of things that I can do in my life to bring things back into balance and hopefully achieve my Ultimate Life goals. Make sure you read it and learn about what you need in your own life!

About the bookAs an exercise scientist...I didn’t really believe there was anything new or exciting out there until I read Ultimate Life. This book has changed the way I look at my health and instead of simply focusing on the physical, which I have done far too often throughout my life, the authors have opened my eyes to the four aspects of health—physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. I absolutely loved their first three easy tips, something any of us can do no matter how busy or out of shape we might feel. I would highly recommend this plan to a whole approach of health that can truly change your life.
--Cami Checketts, Exercise Scientist and bestselling author of the Billionaire Bride Pact romances

"Steve and Rachelle encourage us to look at 9 areas of ourselves for the purpose of improving the quality of our multi-faceted lives. Steve's insight along with Rachelle's tips light a path that lead us step by step to living an Ultimate Life."
Janay Robinson. L.E., Certified Holistic Skin Care Specialist 

"Steve's introduction, explanation, and action steps of the Ultimate Life are simple and powerfully explained with personal stories that the reader can relate to… helping the reader to feel empowered to take action right away..."

Malaena Kelson/Founder and CEO of LashWrap

Ultimate Life gives you a simple, yet detailed look at how to create a life worth living in 9 simple steps.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to:

·         Gain more energy and vitality in life
·         Choose the right foods to help you lose weight
·         Build lasting relationships that connect at a deeper level
·         Create a workout routine that produces noticeable results
·         Gain a greater understanding for your own purpose in life

Get ready to live the life of your dreams, your Ultimate Life!

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