Falling for Maria

About the book: At twenty-six, Maria is holding out for the perfect man to share the rest of her life with. Josh seems to be that man, but after months of dating, their relationship is at a stand-still. Maria plans to nudge Josh forward, but when the company she works for is bought out, her new boss Walker seems determined to change Maria‚Äôs idea of the perfect man. 

My review: This is a fun novella, I'm really loving this series by Heather B Moore! I love to be able to read these novellas in an afternoon. There's a lot of good to this one.

Maria is an amazing character. She loves her job. Has a secret boyfriend (she'd rather he not be secret). And she loves her colorful clothes that make her happy. She's a bit nervous about the new owners of the company she works for though. They have all kinds of new rules about dress standards, what you can put in your work space, and co-worker romances. Oops, there goes that secret boyfriend of hers, which is just fine, he was completely unwilling to stand up for her in there meeting.

Then she meets Mr. Harris, he's the son of the owner of the new company, Baker Corp. And while she finds a lot of the new policies irritating, there's just something about him that seems to draw Maria, especially after he stands up for her. 

This is a cute novella, I didn't want to put it down! 

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