The Way It Should Be

About the book: Ten years ago, Kennedy left Jeremy for a humanitarian position in another country, and she’s regretted losing him ever since. When she returns to her hometown for Thanksgiving to spend time with her newly widowed mother, she’s surprised to see Jeremy there without his wife. 

Jeremy has been divorced for less than a year, and he’s not ready for the sudden appearance of the girl who broke his heart right out of college. At first, he does his best to avoid her, but the more time they spend together, the more he remembers how good they were for each other. 

Can they learn to forgive each other and give themselves a chance?

My review: I really enjoyed reading this one. It's set at Thanksgiving and it made me want to eat pie! 

I liked Kennedy and Jeremy. I loved the way that you see this story from both of their perspectives and you realize just why each of them has a hard time wanting to move their budding relationship forward. 

Jeremy has just gone through a hard divorce. It's his first Thanksgiving without his wife and kids and he's a little bit lost when he realizes that his first love, Kennedy is also home with her mom for Thanksgiving. He's still a little mad at her for taking off 10 years earlier when all he wanted to do was marry her.

Kennedy is also having a hard time. Her dad just died and she feels that she needs to stay with her mom for a while to help her, but everywhere she turns there are bittersweet memories.

I loved the sweet romance in this one, such a cute story. I love the novella length, it makes it easy to finish in one afternoon! 

I was sent an e-copy of this novella.

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