Mother-Daughter Book Camp

About the book: The Mother-Daughter Book Club goes to summer camp in this seventh and final installment of the Mother-Daughter Book Club series!

After so many summers together, Emma, Jess, Megan, Becca, and Cassidy are reunited for one final hurrah before they go their separate ways. The plan is to spend their summer as counselors at Camp Lovejoy in a scenic, remote corner of New Hampshire, but things get off to a rocky start when their young charges are stricken with a severe case of homesickness. Luckily, the girls have the perfect cure in mind… 

My review: I was so excited to find an extra book in this series after the author said that Wish You Were Eyre would be the final one! I've loved each and every one of these books, the girls and their moms have become almost like a second family and I love the way that they always watch out for each other!

I loved this one. It's in the same format as the other books in the series, except this time the daughters go to camp as counselors, so the moms don't really play a huge part in it. But that's okay. I loved the whole camp idea and there was one scene that left me laughing out loud, so funny! 

I loved the way the girls came up with an idea to help with the campers homesickness...what better way to cure homesickness than to read a good book together. With treats, of course! 

I also loved that you see the story through each of the girls eyes. I loved the way each of them has grown through this book, but through the whole series really, this book mentions just a little bit of that. I liked the way that life was not perfect for any of the girls, but for Emma in particular, and each of them finds a way to be happy anyway. They all find ways to move on with what's coming next in their I'm imagining that they are all having a great college experience and learning tons about themselves and life in general. And, of course, they're all reading a good book somewhere. 

I'm going to miss this series, luckily I can read it again anytime I want. This is really a great series for any young woman to read. Maybe even with her mom!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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