Favorite Friday - Relative Race

Our family doesn't watch very much TV at all. Most of what we watch airs on BYUTV. We are big Studio C fans at our house. And this show, Relative Race is one of our very favorites. We recently re-watched the whole first season because the second season starts on Sunday and we couldn't wait! 

This show is a reality type show. There are 4 couples who start on one side of the country and race to the other side, meeting new relatives along the way. Last season they took their cell phones away very first thing and they had to use paper maps to get where they needed to go, which was sometimes a problem for all of the contestants. Anyway, each team is given a specific city to go to. They have to make it to the city, then take and send a selfie with a city sign. Once that happens they get a challenge to complete and then they are given their relative's address. Then...they have to spend the night with their relatives, which seems to me like it could be very awkward! But last season's contestants were all pretty good sports about it. 

You can watch the first season online right now on BYUTV's website and you can watch on the Relative Race website as well.  I love that you can watch all of BYUTV's shows on their website, their app, Roku, and Apple TV as well as broadcast TV. 

And I love that it's all completely family friendly. One of the reasons we don't watch regular broadcast TV is the commercials. I can't tell you how many times we had seen a commercial that either wasn't appropriate for kids or was dark and scary. It seems like you have to constantly mute them and sometimes watching them without the sound is almost as bad. This is one of the shows that our whole family loves to watch together. We like to get to "know" the couples competing and we root for our favorites as we watch or maybe root against our not so favorites. Either way, we have a lot of fun watching this one and you can bet we'll be glued to our TV Sunday night watching to see what happens.

Make sure you check it out on Sunday! Here's a trailer that I found on YouTube: 

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