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About the DVD: On cold night in the Utah Territory, three opinionated men seemingly by chance find themselves sharing a campfire as they tell tales, swap insults, and expound on their personal beliefs and philosophies. However, one of the men is not there by mere coincidence. Join Porter Rockwell, Mark Twain, and J. Golden Kimball for an entertaining and intriguing evening with three of the most colorful characters of the Old West.

My review: This DVD reminds me a little bit of one of those jokes. J Golden Kimball, Porter Rockwell and Mark Twain walk into a bar...but seriously I really enjoyed it!

I liked the way that each of the characters was introduced in a different and clever way. I liked that this DVD made these real life people seem more real than the myth they seemed to me before. I liked the whole thing, it was clever (I laughed out loud at some parts), and fun. But it was serious when it needed to be.

Something that actually really touched me about this was when J Golden Kimball was talking about polygamy and the reason for it. He talks about how it was a service and that there was no way his dad would walk away from serving the women and children that needed it. Wow, that thought actually brought tears to my eyes. I've never thought of polygamy that way before. 

Anyway, make sure to get your own copy of this one to watch. You won't be sad that you did!

I was able to watch this DVD for free in exchange for an honest review.

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