The Faithful One

About the book: Zander Keller survived an addiction recovery center and being on reality TV, but surviving his father’s latest scheme could prove to be much harder. He agrees to an undercover boss stunt to help his father. The beautiful manager makes him laugh and forget his troubles until she tries to solve his commitment issues like every woman has since his mother’s murder. 

Trin Dean has no intention of becoming besotted with Zander like every other woman who watched him on television. But when he begins helping out at her bed and breakfast, she discovers the true Zander, who has overcome losing his mother and an alcohol addiction. She can’t risk falling for him and jeopardize her job and her home. 

My review: This is a cute novella, I loved the escape of reading it and I loved that I was able to read the whole thing in an afternoon.

I liked Zander in this one. He had some demons and some addictions, but he was a seriously nice guy. I loved the way that he treated Trin and her friend and co-worker Moriah as well. I thought it was a bit sad that he hadn't been able to go to his home since his mom's murder. 

Then there's Trin. It was kind of funny that she started the book just a bit prejudiced against Zander because of his image on TV, but when she started to get to know him, she realizes just how great he really is. Trin is a workaholic and I liked that Zander is able to kind of show her that and show her that he isn't the only one who has something that needs to be changed.

There are parts in this book where I thought that Trin's friend Moriah nearly steals the whole show! I really liked her character and I kind of hope that there's a spin off so that she can get a happy ending too!

This is a cute, clean fun read! I loved every word!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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