Fair Play

About the book: Saddled with a man’s name, the captivating Billy Jack Tate makes no apologies for pursuing a man’s profession. As a lady doctor at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, she is one step closer to having her very own medical practice--until she doctors an imposing man who threatens the fulfillment of her dream.

Hunter is one of the elite. A Texas Ranger and World’s Fair guard specifically chosen for his height, physique, character, and skill. Hailed as the toughest man west of any place east, he has no patience for big cities and women who aspire to walk in a man's shoes.

But the abandoned baby Hunter discovers at the Fair finds him teaming up with the good doctor to give the foundling a better future than the slums of Chicago, where the children play on flea-infested, garbage-strewn streets. As Billy and Hunter fight for the foundling's welfare, their hearts warm to the precious child--and to each other. Soon their concern grows to encompass the Nineteenth Ward's burgeoning population of street children. In the interest of fair play, Billy and Hunter let nothing stand in their way as they labor to build a park for them, birthing Chicago's first playground and a national movement that will sweep the nation.

But the Fair is coming to an end, posing impossible decisions for Billy and the man who has won her heart. Will they become a footnote in the Fair's history books, or will what they discovered in Chicago be longer lasting than the World's Exhibition.

My review: Gist is one of my favorite Christian romance authors! I love the way that she writes. Her books are full of amazing characters, set in historical scenes that are so pivotal, like this one set in the 1893 World's Fair.

I loved the opening chapter of this book. Dr. Bill Jack Tate must get into one of the buildings at the World's Fair where she's scheduled to address an audience, unfortunately the building in full and the guard at the door will not budge about letting anyone in. At. All. Not even the young woman scheduled to speak. This is one time where having a male name is definitely not to Billy's advantage. I loved the way that she and the crafty ladies around her get her into the building. Through a window into the cellar, feet first. And there's another guard waiting for her in the cellar watching as her unmentionables shimmy into the room. So funny! 

I really loved Billy and Hunter in this one. I loved the way Billy went after what she wanted, no matter who wanted to get in her way and with no regard to her own safety. I loved the way Hunter tries his hardest to protect her, with her pushing his help away the entire time. These two are quite the pair together, and I loved them!

I was kind of sad about the baby they found, and the conditions for really all of the people living in the Nineteenth Ward of the city. Their conditions left my heart hurting and I am so glad that my family doesn't live in those kind of conditions. I know there are still people in the world and probably in our country that do, so sad!

I loved this whole story. I didn't want to stop reading it until I had finished. Can't wait for more books by this author!

I borrowed a copy of this book from my local library.

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