Redemption Lost

About the book: Christy has tried for years to forget the harrowing Washington, D.C., experiences that launched her into an unlikely spy career—especially since it jeopardized her friendship with Marybeth. But when Marybeth begs her to help find a lost friend, Christy sees it as an opportunity for redemption. 

Soon they discover there’s much more going on than a simple kidnapping. When the lost friend turns up dead and another acquaintance disappears, Christy questions how far she's willing to go for the sake of friendship, and whether it's worth becoming the murderer's next target.

My review: I LOVE these Christy books! I love that Christy has a way with getting herself into trouble. But she's almost always able to get herself and those around her out of trouble as well, even if it isn't easy. This book is a little bit of an exception, Christy finds herself in a situation that she can't escape from, but luckily, with a little help from some friends things work out.

I really loved that we see Marybeth in this one, we not only see her, but we get to see what she thinks and feels. I love that Marybeth is able to show her true feelings about what happened in Watched when they saw a murder happen, and her resentment of Christy because of what Christy has become because of that whole experience. 

Christy's accomplices at division are, as always, amazing. I love how Ace can get into any one's programs or do pretty much anything techie. Jeremy is always great at getting into any situation that he needs to, I loved how hard he worked in this one to help Christy. Haluis doesn't figure as prominently in this story, but he's great as well.

One thing I noticed about Christy in this one is her desire to always have her friends get out of the situation, even if she doesn't. She made a mistake or two in this one that cost her, but she didn't blame that on anyone else and she was always grateful for whatever help she was given. I love Christy even more after reading this one! 

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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