Mistletoe Match

About the book: A kiss shouldn't be this complicated. 

When Michelle Collins accidentally walks into the men’s restroom at a holiday party, she doesn’t expect it to end with a toe-tingling kiss under the mistletoe. But the magic of the moment quickly dies when she realizes the mystery man is Austin O’Neal, the new marketing director of the pharmaceutical company she’s sworn to destroy. Michelle will do anything to protect animals from unfair lab testing—even go up against the first man to make her feel alive. 

With the ink on his divorce papers barely dry, Austin is struggling to help his three children adjust to a new town as he tries to adjust to a new job—one that comes with a lot of baggage that Michelle helped create. Falling for the strong-willed animal rights activist who is ruining the company image is definitely not in the plans. 

When Michelle’s dog is hit by a car and Austin is the unexpected hero, their perceptions of each other—and the causes they fight for—are challenged. Can one impulsive kiss be the foundation for a happily ever after? 

My review: This is a cute story that has a bit of a Christmas undertone to it. I loved the whole plot, but one of my very favorite parts was when Michelle walked into the men's restroom. So funny! 

I liked Michelle, but I will admit that some of her friends and even some of her ideas seemed a bit fanatical to me at first. She's a member of an animal rights group, Their Only Voice, and while she doesn't always see eye to eye with every member she does believe in their ideals of saving animals. I really didn't like the way that her group thought they could control who she would or wouldn't be friends with or date. That part really kind of annoyed me and I was thrilled with how she reacted later on in the book!

I liked Austin. I liked that he was trying so hard to be everything to his kids, after a rough divorce. I liked that he was honest and truly thought that he was doing what was right for him and for his family. But I really liked that when things didn't turn out to be what they had appeared he was honest both with himself and with the authorities, even though he knew it would cost him a lot.

This whole book is cute, I loved all of it!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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