Love's Deception

About the book: Catherine Lewis lost her husband to a roadside bomb in Baghdad shortly after discovering she was expecting their first child. Seven years later, Cat fears her chance at true happiness has slipped through her fingers.

After growing up the son of a humble Oregon farmer, Ty Bradford is climbing the corporate ladder at an accounting firm in California. But when his father suffers a heart attack he returns home to help with the family farm. Rescuing a beautiful cowgirl stranded on a rural road transforms his previously miserable leave of absence into one of the happiest times of his life. 

Ty isn't a member of the LDS Church, and normally Cat, an active Latter-day Saint, wouldn't give him a chance. Against her better judgment, she falls for him, believing he is a farmer. Once she realizes Ty is leading a double life, will she shut the door on the relationship for good? Or could Mr. Wrong possibly be the right one for Cat after all? 

My review: This was a cute love story! I liked that life wasn't always easy for either of the main characters. Cat because of her circumstances and Ty because of some of the choices he had already made in his life. 

Cat was a great character. She lost her husband to a roadside bomb before their little one was born and she's been raising Danny with the help of her mom ever since. But now her mom has cancer and her future's really uncertain. I loved the scene where Cat's tire blows out and Ty helps her. It made me laugh really hard how she was terrified that he was trying to harm her by following her home, so she starts to call 911 on him. So funny. Then she sees him again at his parent's farm and she's really embarrassed, even funnier!

I liked Ty too. I liked the way he was willing to listen to the missionaries and learn and grow, even though he had lived his whole life another way. I loved the humility it would have taken to be able to turn your whole life around like that. I was kind of sad when Cat found out that Ty had a girlfriend in California. It was kind of interesting, because the way the book is written, even the reader doesn't know that she's really his girlfriend. 

The plot of this one is cute. I liked the little extras that you don't see coming in this one. And I liked the ending, reading Cat's journal entry at the end made me cry. I really enjoyed reading this book! 

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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