A Timeless Romance Anthology: Blind Date Collection

About the book: A TIMELESS ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY: BLIND DATE COLLECTION: Featuring New York Times bestselling author Victorine E. Lieske. Readers will love this collection of six novellas—three contemporary and three historical—all with one thing in common: Romance.

Three Historical Romance Novellas:

THE PROMISE THAT KATY DID, by Annette Lyon: After the death of Sue Ellen, the closest thing she has to family, Katy knows it’s time to leave the house she’s lived in as a guest and start over in the city. She quickly secures a job, but before leaving, she must honor the unusual promise she made to Sue Ellen on her deathbed: meet with Mr. Balmer. The elderly gentleman arranges for his grandson Barrett to escort her to a town dance. That evening, shy Katy quickly feels at ease with her partner. If her new position weren’t taking her from town morning after next, perhaps something could develop between them. But Barrett may not feel the same about her, and besides, they don't have enough time to find out.

A LADY OF SENSE, by Sarah M. Eden: Eleanor Sherwood has lived her entire life under her parents’ thumb with little hope of escape. When they choose the unbearable Mr. Broadstead to be her future husband, she begs her father for another option. He arranges for her to meet Peter Havensham, who quickly proves himself a good and kindhearted gentleman, completely different from Mr. Broadstead, and utterly undeserving of a forced engagement. Eleanor cannot bring herself to prey upon Peter’s honor, but neither can she imagine a life with Mr. Broadstead. What is a lady to do when faced with such an impossible choice?

A SECOND CHANCE, by Heather B. Moore: Virginia needs a new start in order to recover from her broken marriage and vicious gossips of her neighborhood in Boston, so when her best friend Millie invites Virginia to Chicago, she goes to live with her friend’s family. But when Millie asked Virginia to participate in a double-date, Virginia knows she’s not ready to start dating again. Reluctantly she agrees, only to find out that Max might just be the man who can repair the cracks in her heart.

Three Contemporary Romance Novellas:

BRAELYNN’S BLIND DATE, by Victorine E. Lieske. When Braelynn agrees to go on a blind date, she thinks she’s hit the jackpot. Tyler is gorgeous and the perfect gentleman. Of course she should have known it was too good to be true. It turns out that Tyler really wasn’t Tyler, but a random stranger who went along with Braelynn’s mistaken assumption. So, she chalks it up to a dumb mistake until she gets to work Monday morning and discovers that her gorgeous blind date is now her new boss.

BIANCA’S HOPE, by Rachel Branton: A blind-date-gone-wrong is not the way Bianca would have chosen to celebrate the news that she might be losing her business, but saying no to the sister who took care of her after their mother’s death proves impossible. So for one date, one torturous evening, she’ll endure the company of an infuriating, heartless man she has no intention of ever seeing again. She doesn’t expect her heart to have other plans. Bianca soon learns that sometimes the unexpected is not only what you need, it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for all along.

BLIND SPOT, by Sariah Wilson: Ria has prepared most of her life to meet her prince, trouble is, her mother keeps yanking her back to reality. So when Ria reads about a country teeming with princes, she drops everything and applies to grad school. But every wanted in a man are far from what she really needs.

My review: I love reading these books! The thing I really loved about this one is that some of these were historical and some of them were contemporary. This is the first one I've seen done that way and I thought that it was done really well. 

Annette Lyon's The Promise that Katy Did was super cute. I loved Katy, I loved the way that she's always looking out for everyone else, especially Sue Ellen, even to the point that she keeps her promise to Sue Ellen after she died. And I really liked Barrett and the way that he is brave enough to go after what his heart wants even though it's kind of hard.

Sarah Eden's A Lady of Sense was a fun one too! I liked Eleanor and I liked that she knew she didn't want to marry the person who her parents picked for her to marry and she pushed to have her own choice in the matter. I loved her spunk and determination. But I also loved her selflessness a bit later in the story when she realized that how she was treating her suitor was exactly how she hadn't wanted to be treated.

A Second Chance by Heather Moore was a story that's just a bit different than your normal love story. I liked Virginia, and I liked that when she discovered her husband's duplicity, she made a life for herself and her unborn son. I loved that she got a second chance at love and that even though, she didn't necessarily feel like she was worth a whole lot as a wife, Max does. Such a cute story!

Braelynn's Blind Date, by Victorine E. Lieske was one of my very favorite in this collection. I've not read any of her books before, but this one was amazing! I loved Braelynn, and I loved the whole misunderstanding with Tyler. I also loved Tyler and the way he was so concerned for what Braelynn would think, and when he found out just what she thought, I loved the way he stood back and tried to fade into the background, even though he cared for her and wanted to form a relationship. This was a cute one!

Then there's Bianca's Hope by Rachel Branton. I haven't read any of her's before either, but I think that I got some of them for free from Amazon, I'll have to check them out and soon! I loved Bianca and the way that she knew she had to fight for her rights because no one else would. I loved the way this one was written so that you didn't know at first, exactly what Bianca had been through and when you realized what she had been through, it changed the way you felt about her just a little bit. I liked Stephen too, I liked the way he was trying to be honest, even though he's a lawyer, and help Bianca by not charging her tons of money. 

Last but not least is Sariah Wilson's Blind Spot. This is a cute one set in her world of Monterra. I liked Ria, I liked her belief that marrying a prince solves all of the world's problems. It was kind of fun the way she went completely against her mother's wishes on this one. But I also liked that as she's trying to go on all kinds of blind dates as she's searching for a prince, that she kept finding all of the toads. I really liked that when she found her Prince Charming, he was hiding in the last place she expected him to be.

I loved this collection. Each one of these seems to be just a little bit better than the last one. Can't wait for more!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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