Between Heaven and Earth

About the book: Cassandra Webb’s every waking minute is devoted to being a great mother and wife. She takes five-year-old Noah to the library each week, volunteers in his kindergarten class, and even coaches his soccer team. She makes sure her husband’s uniforms are always laundered—even though he hasn’t worn them the last six years—always has his game day snacks on hand, and meets him for date night every Friday—which consists of one sided conversations at his bedside and watching his favorite take out remain untouched. 

Pearl, a mysterious visitor at the care center, suggests that it is only Cassie’s love still tying Devon to Earth when he has been ready to move onto Heaven for quite some time. If Cassie will but open her eyes and heart, she will discover the path she should travel, one that will bring relief to Devon and much joy to her own life. But Cassie vowed never to give up on him. She never has and she can’t now, even after meeting hapless, single soccer-dad Matt. 

My review: I have been loving these Power of the Matchmaker books. I liked that in this one, things are just a bit different and Pearl ends up being almost a villain to our main character, Cassie. But let me back up just a little bit.

Cassie is such a cute young woman. In the first chapter, you see her as a bride who's just gotten married. She's got her whole life in front of her and the whole world is at her feet. And then you get to the second chapter and she's alone and you really don't find out why for just a little while. I loved seeing just how Cassie interacted with her son, Noah, I loved the way that you could tell he was pretty much her whole world. There were lots of parts in this one that made me so sad. I really felt for Cassie when her Friday date night was revealed, or when she had to watch countless families with both parents functioning, or when her car broke down and she realized that there was really no one she could call to help her.

And then there's Matt. Matt had a hard situation as well and he was doing the best that he could with his two boys, but those boys were hurting just as much as Matt and boys don't always know the best way to show that they're hurting and that was getting his son, Austin, into trouble with almost everyone.

This book was not a conventional love story by any means, but I loved each and every word that was written. I loved the characters, I loved that they had hard situations but they faced them head on and came out better for them. I loved that they both had a bit of a crazy situation with their extended families, but were still able to be great people. 

And, of course, I loved Pearl's touch in this one, even though that part really made me cry!

Make sure to get this one, and make sure you have tissues when you read it, you're going to need them!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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