Just a Kiss in the Moonlight

About the book: Taylin Nichols has the perfect job as a nurse in the newborn unit in her hometown of Mitchel Creek, Georgia, but as for the perfect boyfriend—not so much. She knows she needs to dump the guy, but figures it will happen naturally if she’s accepted for the work abroad program. On a day when she should’ve stayed home, she runs into Luke McKay—literally. He’s new at the hospital and already has a reputation as an unfriendly, brooding male. Even though he’s hotter than a Georgia summer, he’s not Taylin’s type—at least that’s what she tells herself, but after spending time together, she can’t deny her feelings anymore. The only problem is Luke has baggage from a lousy marriage and isn’t ready for a relationship. He desperately tries to keep Taylin in the “friend zone”, but it doesn’t take long to realize that will never work. Just when he and Taylin decide love is worth the risk, Luke’s past presents an unexpected challenge, leaving both of them to wonder if their love will be enough. 

My review: I love having books like these available for the inevitable nights when our toddler decides that he's not going to sleep and neither am I. This book helped me get through one such night recently and I was so glad to have something cute and light-hearted to read.

Cindy Roland Anderson is really amazing at writing these cute romances. I always love her characters, I love her situations and somehow I feel as though I'm hanging out in Georgia instead of in my Utah home in the middle of a dark night.

I loved Taylin. I love just about everything about her, she is an amazing young woman. She works as a nursery nurse in her local hospital. The one thing she doesn't have going for her is her taste in men. Her ex-boyfriend happens to be in the first of the story and you realize from him and her current boyfriend that she has a hard time picking a good man. Her current boyfriend was really just annoying, he's a gamer and he likes to drink with his friends. That makes him not always very nice. 

Anyway, back to Taylin, I love all that she does for the youth in her church. She's always volunteering to help them. Or showing up at the hospital on her day off to comfort one of the people in her church who needs comfort. So cute! 

Then there's Luke. I love the way that he comes across as so cold to everyone at the beginning but as you read the story from his point of view you realize that that's not how he is. At. All. There is a reason he's so cold to especially women, and that happens to be his ex-wife and the way that she treated him. I really loved the way that Taylin and Luke had such great chemistry, they really were a great couple and they didn't even know it. It took a good deal of the story for Luke especially to decide that he could put himself out there to get hurt again. 

I loved the whole plot of this one. You think that the story is going to be so cut and dried and then there are crazy things like a tornado and just when you think all is going to be well there's another wrench thrown into Luke's life to make things even harder for him and Taylin to even think about being together.

Make sure you read this book, it's so cute and it's clean! And then read the rest of Cindy Anderson's books. They are all amazing!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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