The Princess and the Sorceress

About the book: When Genevieve was sent to the future, she didn’t think she’d be able to fit in. A year later, she has great friends and the chance to go to college—something that wouldn’t have been possible in her own time. 

Jenny is just getting the hang of being a princess and can’t wait for her wedding day. What she doesn’t expect is a visit from Maurelle, an evil fairy bent on destroying everything Jenny holds dear. 

When Jenny and Genevieve are switched for a second time, they are thrown back into worlds they never thought they’d see again. If they're unable to stop Maurelle in her quest for revenge, they will be forever cursed to remain in a time not their own.

My review: I was way excited to get to read this sequel to The Princess and the Prom Queen!

I love the way that Jaclyn Weist writes. Her stories are full of grand adventures, great characters and the occasional evil sorceress with her dragon. This book is no exception. It's an awesome fairy tale type book that you can let your child read and at the same time enjoy yourself. There's tons of twists and turns and you'll be surprised by just how everything ends.

I loved the way the book starts out. Jenny's getting married to her prince when right in the middle of the ceremony she suddenly finds herself slammed to the gym floor in the middle of a basketball game in PE. Talk about a crazy moment! She's not sure quite what happened but knows that she was supposed to be permanently in the past while Genevieve stayed in the future. And what in the world happened to Sam, anyway?!

I love that you see things through both Jenny and Genevieve's eyes and I love the way that you can see the ways that Genevieve had changed in the future as opposed to how she had been when she lived in the castle in the past. 

I loved the magic of this book. There's fairies, a dragon, an evil sorceress, an enchanted tower, love, time travel...pretty much anything you could want in a book!

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I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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