Gelato Books

I'm way excited to tell you about Gelato Books today! It's new and I'm so excited about their whole premise.

Here's some of the info from their website: 

Gelato Books

Here at Gelato Publishing, we love romance, great stories, the authors that make them possible, and the readers who swoon, sigh, and devour books. Our goal is to bring sweet romances into the world and share them with readers. Each of our books has three key ingredients that we hope you'll love.


Gelato Books are multigenerational reads. You can rest assured that if you recommend one of our books to your daughter or grandmother, they'll read a sweet romance. 


Each and every Gelato book has a story that is intriguing. There's drama, conflict, steamy kisses, and adorable characters.


Those moments that make the heart skip a beat and the tummy flutter are essential in life and in books.  Romance is the fudgy center of every one of our books. We love it!

These kinds of books are really the whole reason I started blogging about books. I'm always on the lookout for clean, really great romances that I don't have to worry about handing to my daughter when I'm finished.

Make sure you check out Gelato Books here! And also sign up to receive your free e-book while your there!

And I almost forgot the authors! They are amazing, some of my very favorites, Lucy McConnell, Taylor Hart, Rachelle Christensen and Jeanette Lewis!

This is in no way sponsored, all opinions are my own!

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