Book of Mormon 1-2-3s

About the book: Add some scripture power to your counting practice! With gorgeous artwork, interactive text, and stories from the Book of Mormon, this board book is perfect for little learners. Whether you bring it with you to church or read it together at bedtime, you can “count” on hours of fun with your kids as you learn precious scripture truths together!

My review: I loved the idea of this book. I love that each picture and story has a reference to look up in the Book of Mormon. This is a great way to teach your kids about Book of Mormon stories while also teaching them to count. The one thing that I wished as I read this one to our 2 year old was that the book would have been more of a story. Each of the numbers is a story by itself, but it seemed like it would have flowed just a bit better if the stories had been connected in some way instead of just random. I liked that in the middle and at the end are reminders of both the stories and the numbers you've just talked about. I loved he beautiful illustrations in this book, they are so cute and fun! 

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the author: KRISTENA EDEN was born in Oceanside, California, but she grew up around the world because her dad worked for the military.  She has a degree in Child Development and was the owner and operator of Discovery Preschool.  She also taught private kindergarten.

Kristena is the mother of six kids and the grandmother of nine.  She currently lives with her husband and two dogs in Bluffdale, Utah, where she spends time developing her artistic talents with painting and pottery.  Visit Kristena at

About the illustrator: LINDA SILVESTRI is an illustrator who lives in southern California in a wee ranch-style house that she shares with Ignatz, a cranky calico, and her loving husband, Tom.  Her illustrations use a dash of traditional line work with generous doses of digital painting, and peppered with plenty of whimsy.  Linda loves her job and plays well with others. See more from Linda at

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