Chocolate Obsessed

About the book: CHOCOLATE OBSESSED was part of the Amazon #1 Bestselling series in *New Release* for Clean Romance in the AUTUMN SUSPENSE collection from the award-winning TIMELESS ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY series:

2014 RONE Award Winner for Best Romance Anthology of the Year

*Crown Heart for Excellence* Awarded Book —IND’TALE MAGAZINE

"Just in time for fall, six loved authors have produced a collection of romantic suspense novellas which will tingle the spine and thrill the heart." —DESERET NEWS, Melissa Demoux

Whitney, an executive pastry chef, is working her resort’s booth at the New York Chocolate Show. The only problem is that she shares the shift with her arch rival, Stephen. Then an unexpected visitor shows up: Jeremy, a man who lost a dessert competition she judged.

When Jeremy confronts her threateningly, Stephen gets Jeremy dragged off by security. But that doesn’t throw Jeremy off for long; soon Stephen and Whitney are on the run.

My review: I think that it's kind of fun that the authors of these anthologies are starting to release their novellas separately. I remember reading this one in the anthology when it came out, but I was thrilled to read it again.

I liked Whitney in this book. She's an award winning pastry chef who is working at the New York Chocolate Show. She didn't really want to work a shift at the show and she wanted it even less when her rival in the chef world, Stephen, volunteered to work the same shift. I liked that she wanted to not like Stephen but found herself strangely attracted to him anyway. 

As Whitney is getting ready to leave the booth after her shift, she's accosted by Jeremy, a chef wanna be who she has judged harshly at a recent contest she had judged. Unfortunately he doesn't want to play nice, but Stephen protects her and whisks her off for lunch. But somehow Jeremy keeps figuring out where they are and soon he's chasing them all over NYC. 

This novella has it all, great chocolate! :) Great kissing, and action and adventure. It's a quick, cute, clean fun read. I loved that I was able to read it in a short amount of time.

I was sent an e-copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.

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