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About the book: Mercedes Grant is known to the world as Stormy Ryan, action hero. Her movie-star status has led to some unpleasant interactions in the past, and even a few stalkers, but none has ever come close enough to her to seem dangerous—until now. When she receives a death threat on her personal cell phone, she is understandably shaken. Seizing the opportunity to take some time away from the limelight while the police investigate the phone call, Mercedes escapes to her remote cabin near Idaho’s Snake River. She knows it is the perfect place to lie low, but she doesn’t realize how low she’ll actually feel once she arrives. After days of suffering from a cold she just can’t shake, Mercedes visits the town physician, Luke Parker. The handsome doctor, a fan of the stunning celebrity, performs the necessary tests and is devastated at the unexpected diagnosis he must give her. Mercedes is sick—really sick. He knows she can handle crazy fans, but the news he has to give is another story. As Mercedes struggles to come to terms with her new future, she relies on Luke’s support. But neither imagines the disease is not the only danger Mercedes is facing—because just out of view, someone is watching her and is determined to make good on their threat.

My review: I really enjoyed this book. It has everything I look for in a book. A cute, clean romance, great characters, and a plot line that leaves you hanging and you don't want to stop reading!

Mercedes is an amazing woman. She's a movie star dealing with crazy parents, a stalker who says he's going to kill her, crazy movie schedules and to top it all off she has a killer cold that's making her exhausted all of the time. She's living in her cabin in nowhere, Idaho, so she goes to the local clinic to see if the doctor there can help her with her cold. I laughed out loud when she insulted him, that whole scene is just funny! 

Luke is a great character too. Small town doctor whose wife died leaving him to raise his daughter. She's now a teen and rebellious as any other. He knows almost as soon as he looks at Mercedes' blood that there's something seriously wrong and he also knows he's going to have to go to her cabin and tell her.

That's when things get crazy. Both of her famous and crazy parents show up within minutes of each other. And then there's her co-star who her mom has convinced that he needs to marry Mercedes. Top everything off with a crazy stalker trying to kill people and you know you won't be putting this book down anytime soon! 

It kept me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning until I read the final words!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author: Kathi Oram Peterson loves to write edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense and young adult time travel. The constant thread she sews in both genres is faith in a higher power. She works hard to entertain her readers with clean, uplifting stories. Her path to publication took a detour as she raised three children. During those years, Kathi read all the how-to books on writing that she could find. When her last child graduated high school, she went back to college and earned her BA in English. She was fortunate to do an internship for the University of Utah's Continuum magazine, where she learned to edit and write articles in the "real" world. Shortly after graduation, she was hired by a curriculum publisher to write and edit concept and biography books for children. She worked shoulder to shoulder with artists and computer programmers as she watched her children's stories come to life. But the desire to write full-length novels called to her. Leaving the workforce, she devoted herself to writing fiction. You can contact Kathi through her website,, and her blog,

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