About the book: Blake Wells seems to have it made: the wealthy bachelor life, Kennedy-esque good looks, rising political star. The tabloids love him. But one barracuda date after another drains his hopes for finding a girl who’s sincere. 

So when his Chief of Staff insists he take a beach vacation, Blake doesn’t go expecting to meet Cressida, the perfect girl. Shazam! She’s seriously a goddess. And even though she protests that she’s bad luck, he’s a goner. 

But when a string of crazy (albeit hilarious) coincidences threatens to sink his career, Blake must choose whether to save his campaign or save the love of his life. 

If he wants to get this goddess, he’ll have to break her curse. 

PANDORA is the first installment in the Goddesses & Geeks series by best-selling contemporary romantic comedy author Jennifer Griffith.

My review: This book was interesting for me. I didn't not like it, but it seemed just a bit cheesy. I think it was probably supposed to seem that way, because the heroine of the book is the Greek goddess Pandora. I liked Blake for the most part, there were a few parts where he's kind of over the top macho. I liked Cressida, I liked the way that she was concerned about Blake being close to her, because she knew that there was going to be all kinds of crazy stuff happening to him because of her curse. 

Blake's staff members Georgia and Rider seemed to me to be the more real of the characters and I liked that there were parts about them scattered through the story. 

This is a clean romance with crazy happenings scattered throughout. You won't be bored when reading this book, that's for sure!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. You can buy your own copy at Amazon.

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