Blog Tour - Sliding in the Snow

About the book: Grab your gloves and snow boots, it’s time for an adventure in a frozen wonderland—right in your own backyard! Here are fun twists on classic winter pastimes, like sledding and making snowmen. Learn how to design your own backyard winter Olympics.

Things to make and do include:
• Saving a Snowflake Forever
• Wacky Snow Creations
• Making Your Own Snowshoes
• Making a Snowball Launcher
• Sidewalk Curling
• Skijoring
• And more!

My review: It's turning cold here where I live. That means that it's going to be time really soon to make sure that our kids have something they can do outside. That's where this cute book comes in! This book is fully illustrated, I love the artwork in the book it's so cute. I love that there is a section in the front of the book that teaches the kids what the cold does to your body. It gives great tips on how to dress for cold weather and why. I love that it had tons of ideas for playing outside, they all look like fun. And I really loved the section of recipes. I have never seen an actual recipe for the kind of maple sugar candy they made in the old times before this book. I'm excited to try some of the fun recipes in the back of this book and I know our kids will be excited to play some of the fun games!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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